Join the BC MST Apprenticeship in two easy steps:


Register with the Industry Training Authority of BC

The apprentice applicant and sponsor must BOTH register with the Industry Training Authority (ITA).

Apprentices in the MST trade in BC must be employed in the recreational marine industry, and be sponsored by an industry employer or an organization connected with the industry.

The recreational marine industry includes companies involved with recreational or light commercial vessel building, maintenance, or repair. This includes repair yards, boat builders, marinas and specialized yacht or pleasure craft products and services. If in doubt please contact us.

Enroll in the MST technical training program

Once registered with ITA, the apprentice enrolls in the technical training program at Quadrant.

Technical training is delivered in four levels (usually years) with weekly evening classes between September and May at our facilities in Sidney or Vancouver.

Every apprentice chooses at least 6 advanced competencies from a list of 61 possibilities. The choice of six competencies depends on the apprentice's interests, and the opportunities available in their workplace.


MST Apprenticeship Requirements


To successfully achieve MST certification, apprentices must:

  • be employed in the recreational marine industry for at least 4,000 hours
  • attend four levels of technical training classes and achieve at least 70% in level exams
  • pass the ITA Certificate of Qualifications exam with a minimum score of 70%
  • successfully complete 24 in-school practical exercises
  • successfully complete 6 elective advanced practical competencies


The requirements to ensure your sponsored employee apprentice successfully achieves MST certification are to:

  • provide guidance and adequate supervision in the workplace
  • provide your apprentice adequate on the job assignments to achieve 6 elective advanced practical competencies (complete projects consistent with your day to day operations)
  • participate and cooperate with the training institution in the workplace competency assessment process

Challenging the MST Apprenticeship

In order to challenge the MST apprenticeship and become certified you must:

  • provide evidence of 6,000 hours (about 3 years) working in the recreational marine industry
  • provide satisfactory evidence of competency in at least 6 advanced practical competencies
  • pass the ITA Certificate of Qualifications exam with a minimum score of 70%

More detailed information regarding the requirements for MST certification can be found in the MST Program Profile and the MST Program Outline found on the ITA web site, or contact us.


We recommend that trainees in the MST technical training have high school grade 12 math and English, but candidates with grade 10 or higher will be considered. Contact us if you are concerned about your abilities in trade math or English language use.


Most of the technical training costs are covered by the Province of BC though the ITA. Quadrant fees for each level of the program are:

Tuition: $850 per level / year

Learning Resources: $150 per level (books)

Westcoast Boatyard Industry Association: $50 apprentice membership

Apprenticeship Registration


To register as an apprentice with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) of BC you need a supporting employer who is willing to oversee your apprenticeship and work with ITA and Quadrant to confirm your achievement of 6 Advanced Competencies.

Registration with ITA is simply a matter of making an application along with your sponsor and there is no cost. 

More information for Employees

Once you have submitted the application form to ITA you may immediately apply to enroll in the Quadrant training program.

If you have questions or concerns contact us.


To support an employee interested in MST apprenticeship training you must register with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) of BC. As an apprentice's sponsor, you agree to participate in their training process throughout the apprenticeship.

Employers register as a sponsor on the same application form as the apprentice. 

More information for Employers

Normally, the technical training classes take place after hours, once per week, and have no impact on work schedules.

Quadrant has developed a simple and effective process using workplace standards for overseeing your apprentices' progress as they learns skills on the job. 

Questions? Concerns? Please contact us.

MST Technical Training at Quadrant

Use the application form to apply for enrollment in the next available training program at Quadrant, after submitting your apprenticeship registration form to the ITA. 

This training is is sponsored by the Province of BC.

To apply for MST training at Quadrant you must be working in the BC Recreational Marine Service Industry and officially sponsored by your employer. Both the Apprentice Applicant and the Employer/Sponsor should be aware of the terms of the MST Program Outline, as listed here and on the ITA website

Please complete the whole form, then click submit. You will need your ITA registration number if you have one.


Download the application pdf here if you prefer to send your application by mail or fax.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

next Level 1 - 4 evening Training begins

Two Locations:

Canoe Cove Marina, Sidney, B.C.

Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.

Schedule: Evening classes. Dates to be announced summer 2019.

next Level 1 & 2 Block Training begins
Winter, 2019/2020.


TBA, Vancouver Island.

Schedule: 5 weeks of day classes. Dates to be announced August 2019.