MST Technical Training at Quadrant

Use the application form to apply for enrollment in the next available training program at Quadrant, after submitting your apprenticeship registration form to the ITA. 

This training is is sponsored by the Province of BC.

To apply for MST training at Quadrant you must be working in the BC Recreational Marine Service Industry and officially sponsored by your employer. Both the Apprentice Applicant and the Employer/Sponsor should be aware of the terms of the MST Program Outline, as listed here and on the ITA website

Please complete the whole form, then click submit. You will need your ITA registration number if you have one.


Download the application pdf here if you prefer to send your application by mail or fax.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

next Level 1 - 4 evening Training begins

Two Locations:

Canoe Cove Marina, Sidney, B.C.

Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.

Schedule: Evening classes. Dates to be announced summer 2019.

next Level 1 & 2 Block Training begins
Winter, 2019/2020.


TBA, Vancouver Island.

Schedule: 5 weeks of day classes. Dates to be announced August 2019.