Apprenticeship Registration


To register as an apprentice with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) of BC you need a supporting employer who is willing to oversee your apprenticeship and work with ITA and Quadrant to confirm your achievement of 6 Advanced Competencies.

Registration with ITA is simply a matter of making an application along with your sponsor and there is no cost. 

More information for Employees

Once you have submitted the application form to ITA you may immediately apply to enroll in the Quadrant training program.

If you have questions or concerns contact us.


To support an employee interested in MST apprenticeship training you must register with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) of BC. As an apprentice's sponsor, you agree to participate in their training process throughout the apprenticeship.

Employers register as a sponsor on the same application form as the apprentice. 

More information for Employers

Normally, the technical training classes take place after hours, once per week, and have no impact on work schedules.

Quadrant has developed a simple and effective process using workplace standards for overseeing your apprentices' progress as they learns skills on the job. 

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