First Industry Consultations on the North Coast this month


Trade Secrets for Marine Service Managers

(Essential Management Tools for Skilled Technicians)

We’re still building and marketing BC as a Marine Service Centre of Excellence. Quadrant’s last industry project identified the need to provide the foundations for Employers of Excellence—those who care about Customers, Careers and their Community (industry) as a whole.

Successful marine service companies require good management practices and organizational consistency. Only then can businesses successfully hire employees, advance people’s career paths, and support a credible, sustainable industry.

Our goal is to use facilitated industry workshops with marine service managers to create an effective course for technicians transitioning to marine service management.

Join us and tell us:

1.      What do managers in this industry need to know?

2.     What causes you the most frustration?

3.     What management resources could save your company money?

From these consultation sessions, we’ll develop hands-on workshops and test them out. Let us know if you’re interested in the test workshops.

Following this project, we will regularly offer this course to BC marine service managers.