Inflatable Boat Repair Course November 4 - 8th, Vancouver

The West Coast Boatyard Association has put together a 5-day inflatable repair course led by the professionals at Zodiac MilPro in Delta, BC this November. Space is limited and registration is only offered through WCBA.

Registration is open to anyone; discounts for WCBA members.

Details here: WCBA Inflatable Boat Repair Course


Skills Ready: Motivated Young People want to work with you this summer

For any employers looking for summer help, here’s an opportunity passed on to us by our friends at Skills Ready…

Skills Ready Logo.png

This summer the Skills Ready project is helping young people who are in grade 10 and 11 connect with seasonal work experience.  

Motivated and engaged young people want to work with you. We are asking if they are interested in helping to build the next generation of skilled worker by offering a minimum of 6 weeks of work (3 days or more a week), which may continue over multiple summers and possibly result in apprenticeship.

 For most, this will be their first real exposure to industry, so we’re asking employers to create a learning environment: who gave you your first chance? The hope is that students continue in the trades after they graduate.

 If you have specific opportunities you feel would be a good fit for a student who is just starting out, please reach out to To find our more about Skills Ready and how to be involved visit

Followup on International Recruiting Webinar Post

For anyone missed the international recruiting webinar, here is a link to the PDF presentation and some highlights:

  • IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) in partnership with other countries sponsors International job mobility programs.

  • One focus of these programs is to bring skilled trades workers to fill vacancies in Canada.

  • Free services to employers are: (page 7) job-matching banks for posting your vacancies, recruiting assistance at a local level in other countries, applicant filtering, and (page 23) expedited temporary work permits and permanent residency visas.

  • Marine service workers applying to work in Canada under the Francophone Mobility program would be eligible under Skill Type B: Technical and Trade Occupations. Skilled trade applications are “C16 LMIA exempt”—see the step-by-step process (page 29 of the presentation).

  • Employers need to create an online account in the government portal. Submitting a permanent job offer to an international applicant involves a $230 fee which is refundable if the application and visa process is not completed (page 27)

To ask specific questions please contact (or see page 38 if you’re not in BC):

 British Columbia :  Emmanuelle Archer, (604) 630-0316 (ext 382),

As always, we are interested in your feedback on the value of these opportunities for the marine service industry. If this program works well for you, let us share your success story.

Boating BC & Quadrant Marine Institute Announce Marine Service Industry Bursary

Here’s the press release for our new financial assistance program for Marine Service Techs thanks to Boating BC. Please help us get the word out!

Vancouver, BC - Boating BC Association and Quadrant Marine Institute today announced a partnership that creates a new bursary program for students enrolled in the Marine Service Technician (MST) Apprenticeship Training Program.

 The initiative will be funded by Boating BC and administered by Quadrant Marine, and will provide financial aid to students while they attend training in a field in which there is an existing skills shortage.

 “We are thrilled about this new partnership, which will help ensure we are filling a very real need in the industry,” said Don Prittie, Boating BC President. “We are in need of certified technicians and we hope this will provide support for MST students to help them complete their training.”

 Boating BC also funds the Glenn Spartz Scholarship for students enrolled in the Marine Mechanical Technician Apprenticeship Program as a means of supporting trades training and attracting new people into the growing recreational boating industry.

Developed by Quadrant Marine and designated by the ITA, the MST apprenticeship training program exposes trainees to all aspects of the repair and maintenance of recreational and small commercial vessels. Specialization comes with practical skill development in the workplace. The program is delivered over four levels (years) in evening classes from September to May in Sidney and Vancouver, plus a new block-release course in Nanaimo.

 “With a growing industry and an aging workforce, it’s critical to promote Marine Service career pathways with credentials,” said Shelley McIvor, Managing Director, Quadrant Marine Institute. “The bursary program will provide financial assistance to those pursuing these career opportunities, and that can only benefit the industry as a whole.”

 Applications for the Marine Service Industry Bursary are now being received. To be eligible, students must be registered with the BC Industry Training Authority and Quadrant Marine Institute. The application deadline is July 31st for students attending school in Sidney and Vancouver and August 30th for Nanaimo.

 To learn more about the MST program, the Marine Service Industry Bursary and to apply, visit:


Quadrant Marine Institute Inc. is a private trades training facility for boat and yacht building, repair, and maintenance. For more than two decades, Quadrant has designed and delivered apprenticeship training for technicians employed in the recreational marine industry. 

Boating BC Association represents the recreational boating industry across British Columbia and is comprised of more than 300 member businesses. The Association offers counsel on business and governance issues, as well as representing and advocating on behalf of the boating industry to all levels of government.

 For more information on Boating BC contact:

Lisa Geddes

Boating BC Association


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Promoting Marine Trade Careers in our own Communities

“I wish I had known marine service was a career.”

I’ve lost count of how many people have said this to me over the past few years. We hear this from recreational boaters at shows, educators and career councellors, and skilled trade workers in other industries.

Promoting the opportunities and lifestyle benefits that go with BC marine service careers are always on our priority list. If you or your company want to participate as part of your future recruiting and hiring plans, here are 3 ways you can work with us:

  1. Volunteer with us to attend local job and career fairs that reach high school students and youth.

  2. Help sponsor our Cardboard Boat Race initiatives with local middle schools in partnership with Skills Ready. We often need mentors and race judges for these events.

  3. Attend community events that raise the profile for careers in our industry. We’re currently looking for teams to enter the Slegg Lumber Build-A-Boat Competition on Canada Day in Sidney. The entry fee is $30 per team of 3 and Slegg’s supplies $150 in materials of your choice from their store. Let us know if you want to join us for this fun community celebration.

Contact us if you are interested in any of the above ways to promote careers in your business and our industry!