Women in Trades - Quadrant Marine partnership with Camosun College

This week we had the pleasure of offering four days of small craft/recreational industry training for a dedicated group of women in the Camosun College Maritime Trade Sampler Courses. The students have been touring local marine businesses and engaging in hands-on lessons and explorations with our instructors.

Day 1: Monday, the women were learning about adhesives and trying their hand at using marine Sikaflex.

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Day 2: Tuesday was all about composites, such as fiberglass and carbon fiber.

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Day 3: Wednesday morning the women got to take apart and check out the insides of outboard motors. In the afternoon, they went on a boat tour to see local businesses from the water, as well as the sheer number of recreational and small craft in the area. They finished up the afternoon with a tour of Kristi Benwell’s business Liquid Metal to have a look the boats she and her crew are busy building and maintaining.

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Day 4: Thursday the women learned about marine electrical systems using multimeters, and wiring series and parallel DC electrical circuits.

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Thanks to all our dedicated instructors from Gartside Marine Engines, Pilot Marine Yacht Services, Blackline Marine, and Nordik Marine Surveyors, and a big shout out to Chris and Guy from the Piers Island Ferry services for the harbour tour.