Followup on International Recruiting Webinar Post

For anyone missed the international recruiting webinar, here is a link to the PDF presentation and some highlights:

  • IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) in partnership with other countries sponsors International job mobility programs.

  • One focus of these programs is to bring skilled trades workers to fill vacancies in Canada.

  • Free services to employers are: (page 7) job-matching banks for posting your vacancies, recruiting assistance at a local level in other countries, applicant filtering, and (page 23) expedited temporary work permits and permanent residency visas.

  • Marine service workers applying to work in Canada under the Francophone Mobility program would be eligible under Skill Type B: Technical and Trade Occupations. Skilled trade applications are “C16 LMIA exempt”—see the step-by-step process (page 29 of the presentation).

  • Employers need to create an online account in the government portal. Submitting a permanent job offer to an international applicant involves a $230 fee which is refundable if the application and visa process is not completed (page 27)

To ask specific questions please contact (or see page 38 if you’re not in BC):

 British Columbia :  Emmanuelle Archer, (604) 630-0316 (ext 382),

As always, we are interested in your feedback on the value of these opportunities for the marine service industry. If this program works well for you, let us share your success story.