The Quadrant Approach to Industrial Training

Quadrant Marine Institute is owned and operated by boatyard owners and managers—people who run successful businesses and employ skilled professionals in the service and repair of pleasure craft, yachts, and light commercial vessels. This practical perspective informs our approach to industrial training.

A competent marine service technician understands the "whole boat." Regardless of a technician's primary skill area, he or she must understand the basics of vessel design, materials, equipment and systems, and the related activities of other technicians. Our training resources provide the necessary breadth of background for professional technicians.

Competency-Based Assessment

Quadrant is committed to competency-based skills assessment. We understand that no two vessels are exactly the same, so no two service or repair jobs are exactly the same. Technicians develop their skills by observing and assisting, and through repetition in a wide variety of practical situations. They must not only be able to complete the job, they must be able to do it safely, economically, and independently, meeting specified quality standards. Competent technicians make possible a competent and successful marine industry business.


Assessment of Skills On the Job

Competence means doing the job well in the boatyard workplace, and is best observed and assessed in that workplace by the technician's employer. This happens every day in any business. We also know that most employee assessment is done on the fly in an already busy schedule.

Competency assessment can be structured to follow established standards of workplace performance, and be applied equally to all employees. Training and skill assessment are part of every company’s daily operations, as important as sales, record keeping, or project management.

To meet this need, Quadrant has developed Workplace Performance Reports that serve as easy-to-use standards for measuring progress in more than 60 typical boatyard competencies. These are used as ongoing records that simplify and standardize the supervision process.


Learning Resources and Publications

Quadrant has developed a wealth of learning resources – 93 short, easy to understand publications grouped into 12 subject areas, covering almost every aspect of pleasure craft and light commercial vessel design, construction and servicing. These can be studied for their information alone, or used as the basis of a training program like the B.C. Marine Services Technician apprenticeship. 

The learning resources cover important aspects of each subject area—use of materials, basic repair techniques, safety, typical mistakes, and a host of related information. A 10-question quiz and a study assignment for each unit is available for instructional programs to build understanding of the subject. Each unit  points to sources of more detailed information through web links..


Quadrant’s learning resources are not "how-to" manuals. While they often list the proper steps to be taken for typical service or repair operations, they are designed to support, not replace, the practical skills that must be learned by observation, helping, and doing, in the real-world marine workplace.

Readers will come away with a solid understanding of the scope and depth of the recreational marine industry workplace. Our learning resources provide an excellent background for more in-depth specialization by service professionals. They also provide invaluable information for surveyors, suppliers to the industry, retail staff, or interested boat owners.


Quadrant is always ready to consult and collaborate with other organizations in the delivery of recreational marine industry training. Contact us to start a conversation.